Hi! I’m Katalina!

I love to love and people are my favorite! I have a background in financial education, advising, and coaching. This line of work really spoke to me because it allowed me to make a difference and be part of the solution.

My heart is really with main street America. I was born in inner city California and raised mostly in a farmer’s community of Ohio. The two worlds are different but they both have people who work hard, try, and still struggle financially. This hurts my heart. I know what it’s like to work, and to try, and still feel like the options you have aren’t enough.

I am a millennial. I understand how time and life experiences hold just as much worth as money to us. We live and think differently than the generations that came before. We replace conforming with innovation so we can live how we want. I know how we as a generation are moving with time and technology and how waiting on the rest of the world to catch up can hold us back.

That’s why I’m here with meggalife, because it is a front runner for additional solutions for everyone. It’s changing the name of the game for the better and I like better.

People who inspire me:

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.
Although she is not a real person I incredibly identify with her passion to better her community, all the heart she puts into everything she does, and her insane tenacity. When I find myself running out of steam or feeling discouraged I turn to her to remind me what a “can do attitude” feels like and I get back in the game.

My Parents:
My Mom was a true saint on Earth. She was pure, kind, and human. Everything good I am, I am because of her. My dad is without a doubt the hardest working person I have ever met. I most certainly get my work ethic from him. He has always been in my corner. He has never let anyone treat me second class. And he is a SUPER ride or die dad.

Female Greats:
I grew up admiring women who took lead and pursued greatness with an unspoken understanding that the greatness was only a result of them following their heart, passion, and dreams. Women like Barbara Walters, Ellen DeGeneres, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone.

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