5 Ways To Have Fun at the Fair on a budget
August 1, 2018

5 Ways To Have Fun at the Fair on a budget

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s fair time! The rides! The food! All the great times to be had every summer! We all have heart warm memories and we all want to go again!
But, do you also remember how hard it hits your wallet?

Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind for having a fun time at the fair while being fair to your budget.


  1. Hit the Website

Every fair is all about getting people there so they all
have a website to give loads of information. Check beforehand to see what’s not allowed. Some fairs might be like the movies where they don’t allow outside food and drink. If so, you’ll want to know so being thrifty doesn’t land you in an unsavory situation.


  1. Check for entry specials.

Many fairs have discounted entry for their opening day,
childeren under a certain age, buying a week long pass, or slow days like a Monday. In the same way they may run a special on ride bands and if they do you will totally want to know about it.


  1. Eat before you go!

Not only will you probably eat something more
nutritious, but going on a full stomach will keep you from giving in to those pricy cravings as well as possibly saving you from a different kind of unsavory situation should you be riding all those rides.


  1. Bring Water.

There’s always a universal groan when a festival won’t even let you bring water making you buy their onsite 4 dollar bottles. County fairs, generally speaking, don’t tend to be on that level. Having a bottle of water will not only keep you hydrated in the summer heat, but also keep you from having to buy a super overpriced beverage. Also, stay in control by only taking so much cash. Using the website should help you estimate how much money you want to spend and therefore how much cash to take. And you know the rules, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


  1. Keep your head.

All those blinking lights, laughing people, yummy smells,
it’s so easy to get caught up in the commotion. But, if you lost that game for a third time accept defeat. Don’t get caught up throwing bills for a prize that would cost you less online than to fight a losing battle. If you’re not budgeted to flex, keep your money on your mind. You don’t want to rationalize now just to regret it later. Remember, you only came with so much cash. To make this easier, go in the evening. When you only have a couple hours to spend, you also only have a couple of hours to spend money. If you have kids with you “the fair’s closing soon” line makes you NOT the bad guy when it’s time to go. But, just because fair treats can be expensive doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself! Stop somewhere on your way home for a treat just as tasty at a fraction of the cost to put that cherry on top of your going to the fair experience. So go, to the fair! Have some fun! And don’t go for broke while at it. In fact, build your savings while at it by sharing your fun fair time on meggamigo.com. Now there’s a money wise move.

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