Allow Me to Introduce Myself
June 27, 2018

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi! I’m Katalina and I’m here to tell you about But, Lets back up a little bit. Here I am posting blogs, sharing podcasts and promoting challenges but you don’t even know me. Why should you read my blogs and listen to my podcast? Because I’m the meggalife girl? No… that just doesn’t sound right to me. You should listen to my podcast because you want to. And you should want to because you know what my intentions are, what I care about, and what I stand for!

Let’s start with what I care about. I care about people. I care about you. I’m sure there are those out there who would scoff at what may seem like such a blind statement. In fact, I’m sure it would sound a lot like the scoffs I hear sometimes when I toast to world peace. But it’s true. If you said let’s be friends and invited me out for coffee I would totally go. Because people are my favorite.

I also care about supporting good causes. I’m a blood donor, a fundraiser, and I have an army of friends who collect pop tabs for me to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. I don’t know what they do with them, but I know they want them and that’s good enough for me. Like my 4-year-old son says, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.”

This brings me to the next thing I care about, the concept of family. I’m adopted so my idea of family has always been a little more outside the box. On paper, I have a very small family, but on the real, I have a HUGE family! Because to me, family is about being there through the hard times, those who you still love even when they make it hard, those who you know love you even when they let you down, and sincerely caring about if one another are fed, healthy, and happy.

I care about my community. I have lived in the greater Dayton, Ohio area all my life and I’m 937 all day. But as much as I care about my city, I care about my generation all across the country. And that is a HUGE reason why I’m here with We need this. I see my friends and neighbors struggling to make ends meet let alone get ahead. I use to make financial portfolios. I’m telling you the savings statistics that are just a click away for anyone are scary and they’re real. I care about your future just as much as I care about mine and that’s why I’m your meggalife girl.

What do I stand for? I stand for those who can’t stand up for themselves. I don’t like it when assertive people push around shy, quiet types. Often before I can think I stand for what’s in my heart, and I stand even when I’m scared. I stand for giving people the chance to be good. And when it comes to cause like creating a decent, easy savings plan for EVERYONE I’ll stand hand in hand on that. But what you need to know about me is that I stay standing. And if I get knocked down I get right back up. I only sit down out of respect and I don’t lie down for anything.


What are my intentions? Well, I plan on entertaining you of course! I plan on bringing you valid information. And I plan on promoting Because meggalife gives us a chance to help ourselves in a way we have never been able to before. Although we as Americans have different education levels, different income levels, and definitely different opinions we all live in the same world. We all want the same things. We want to be valued. We want to be compensated for what we bring to the table. We want to one day retire and live out our days however we choose. Meggalife can help you do that. I believe in meggalife. I believe in you, and what you can do for yourself with meggalife.


So there you have it. I love to love and people are my favorite, let’s totally get a cup of coffee. I’m a millennial, a Gemini, and a mom. I’m a morning person, a social butterfly, and my glass is always half full. If yours is half empty I’ll just pour into yours from mine. It’s totally cool, I’m almost never in a shortage of juice. I stand up for what’s in my heart and I plan on encouraging you every day. Hi. I’m Katalina, I’m your meggalife girl, and I’m in your corner. So go log in to That’s Just go check it out, see what’s good. Empower yourself to have a future you plan for. Because this is YOUR life, get what you want out of it.

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